***Watch*** as one of our biggest supporters is surprised with a Birthday Gift


A few weeks ago,  one of Kelly’s  college roommates, Jenna Vandervort, contacted Kelly’s Mother because she had an idea of what she’d like to give Kelly for a birthday gift this year.  Jenna knew that the Wesley Family and BE uninTIMidated held a special place in Kelly’s heart so she wanted to see if it would be possible to make a donation to the organization in Kelly’s name.

BUT… Jenna didn’t stop there.  She reached out to the WPI Swim Team and asked if anyone would want to join her in making a birthday donation in Kelly’s name.  The outcome?… 22 others decided to join in!!!  They raised $540.00 and donated it to BE uninTIMidated in Kelly Martin’s name.

The video is a couple of these wonderful young adults providing Kelly the certificate of donation.  THIS BLOWS US AWAY!!!!  IT GIVES US AN INCREDIBLE SENSE OF HOPE for what the world can be.  The desire of these 22 individuals to want to Pay If Forward could become contagious and imagine – just imagine what that could do for our world.  We need to see more stories like this.  More acts of kindness.  We need to see the good and beauty in this world.

Thank you Jenna Vandervort for your love for Kelly and your support of her love for BE uninTIMidated.  We wish and hope many young children (and adults) will see this and want to be ‘Just Like Jenna’.  We hope it will make them want to give good.

Thank you to all that donated in honor of Kelly’s Birthday:  Jenna Vandervort, Caroline Flynn, Alex Gallant, Alexis Mittelman, Alice Morgan, Allysa Grant, Anna Matsco, Cailin Gonyea, Carol Wang, Eva Childers, Hendrick Suwirjo, Jack Bauer, Jackson Perry, Josh Driscoll, Julia Bushell, Karin ElSayed, Mackenzie Karnilaw, Seth MacDonald, Sofie de Oliveira, Stephanie Marcucci, Trevor Gehring, Zoe Eggleston and Katlin Travers.

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