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Two Years….

Two years ago today, this Monday, (it was April 2, 2012) at 6:30pm EST and our world collapsed around me.  Per Dr. Johnson with sadness in his face, “it does not look good”.  I fell to my knees.  Noises and voices were

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What do I do now? What should I do first? What to do when you’ve been given a concerning health diagnosis.

People find themselves in such a tailspin once given medical news that is, or can be, of concern… and rightly so. You have no idea what to do first. Generally what we’ve seen, as well as what we did ourselves; you listen to the Doctors and go home to try to digest what you were told. So once you’re home and you begin to go through all of the emotions – in between the tears and the worry – you feel like there is something you should be doing. Maybe you don’t, maybe you (feel what I spoke of in my last entry and) trust what you’ve been told. Either way, here is my suggestion to anyone that receives a medical diagnosis of any sort:

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From Heartbreak to Hope; challenging your Doctor and owning your future

I have been giving a lot of thought lately to what responsibilities Doctors should have.  Is there any rhyme or reason to what and how they advise a patient when it is a matter unfamiliar to them?  I am aware

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