Mass General Hospital Visit Oct 2017

This will be brief but to the point of where we are at…  I am beyond all comprehension of extreme emotion today and cannot find any words to string together for you…

  • the visit went well
  • it looks like we are an in for the PLX8394 Trial; we signed the consent form yesterday
  • we had a liquid biopsy done yesterday, should have the results in 2 weeks; it is super helpful with targeted treatments
  • we have to go next week for baseline testing; eyes, skin, blood work, ct scan and they’ll do a biopsy if they can – this will be a full day of appointments
  • we will then go back (and hopefully) start the trial the week of Oct 16th
  • the trial length before rescan to see if it is working = 2 months

Just waiting for a phone call from Mass General with appt date/time for next week.

XOXO, Denise

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