At approximately 10:45am this morning we received a phone call from Mass General Hospital.  Tim has been DECLINED for the PLX8394 Clinical Trial.  They are NOT allowing him to be a part of this due to his oral bio availability; in our words – the Pharmaceutical company, Plexxicon, that is sponsoring this trial doesn’t believe that Tim has enough short bowel to process the volume of pills that he would need to digest and disperse for this trial.

We have no words.  We are numb.  We don’t know what to do nor where to turn.  We are exhausted.  We are devastated.  We feel so beaten.  We feel alone, more so than ever.  I need to get my arms around Tim.  We need time to process this.  We will, in time, pick ourselves up off the ground and put the millions of pieces that we are in back together.  We told the girls, imagine, just try to imagine what is going through their heads and hearts…because I sure cannot.

We will push forward with Dr. Tejani to determine our next step(s).  We will let you know, when we know.

XOXO, Denise

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