Post Operative Day 1…

Post Op Day 1We met with Dr. Sardi and Team this morning to go through more details of Tim’s surgery.  Tim is ready to share this with you now.  In the Doctor’s words… there was a lot of tumor, Tim was nearing an obstruction and would find himself in a dire situation very soon and this is why Tim was feeling that full, bloated discomfort he was having for the last 1 – 2 weeks.  Had the surgery not have taken place when it did, My Guy wouldn’t have been with us much longer.  They removed the Gallbladder, Spleen, Omentum, Appendix, a piece of Tim’s Stomach, part of his Diaphram, about 13 fee of his Small Intestine and removed all of his Large Intestine and Rectum.  Tim will live with an Ileostomy Bag for the rest of his life.  Nutrition will be our main concern; it will be absolutely critical.  Dr. Sardi feels there was enough Small Bowel left that is should not impact Tim’s quality of life.  Dr. Sardi called me at about 10:30am yesterday morning from the Operating Room, to tell me that there was much more tumor than expected.  We were both surprised about the Colon being full of tumor as the CT Scan showed none of it.  He asked for my approval for the full removal of it and therefore needing the Ileostomy Bag permanently.  Tim is fine with it and honestly, I see it as a treasured gift.  As a gift of life for my Husband.  Without it, Tim would have been closed back up leaving too much tumor for any longevity to be possible.  Now, after reading all of that and knowing now what they did to my Husband, what they removed from his body and knowing that he was in for surgery for almost 11 hours… get this.. THEY HAVE HAD HIM UP WALKING TWICE ALREADY!!!  Whew, is stronger than any person I have, or ever will, know.  XOXO, Denise

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