Wayyyyyy overdue update Jul 2017

Hello all…  I feel really terrible and realize that I am way over for providing an update.  I sincerely apologize for that.

I think the last you were left with is that Tim was pushing through the side-effects of his latest round of chemo (the 2nd of this set of 4) and that he had a PET Scan.
The PET Scan was completed on Monday, June 19th with minimal issues.  Tim pushed through his claustrophobia pretty good :-)  We did receive a call from Dr. Tejani later that week that our prayers were answered and there were “no surprises” on the scan results.  We will get further details from him when we meet with him in person during Tim’s next chemo treatment.
Tim was suppose to have a chemo treatment this past Monday, July 3rd, but he opted to postpone that.  He has been feeling great and really didn’t want to throw ‘a wrench’ in the middle of a nice long holiday weekend.  Therefore we pushed July 3rd chemo to July 10th.  We will finish up this round of chemo as scheduled and will carry forward will his next CT Scan as originally planned – August 14th with results with Dr. Tejani at 8:30am on August 15th.
So as of now, we plug along.  The questions and worries torture our minds and hearts at times, but we try to make the most of every day and enjoy all that surrounds us – most importantly we are conscious about appreciating everything.
The girls ended their school year with big smiles and fantastic report cards.  We cannot believe how strong they are and how well they manage to push through the worries that we know haunt them.  We are very proud parents and are thankful for the crazy, busy, insane, fun schedules they keep and that we are blessed to be their parents and share in it with them.
Count your blessings.  Appreciate the beauty around you.  Take the time to make memories.  Hug everyone.  Tell those that you love, that you LOVE THEM.  Offer a hand to someone, help how and when you can.  Life is short.  Life is a gift.  Life is beautiful. Be kind, be good, be amazing.
Give Good, Get Good!
XOXO, Denise
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