We Need Your Help!

As a family member, friend, business acquaintance, fellow cancer warrior or supporter, Tim and I are asking for your help.
Below you will find links to a video that tells our story in just under 6 minutes.  This video, this story, could help to save someone’s life.  It will talk about the hand we were dealt, telling our daughters, what we were told by the Medical Team initially and what we did to get to where we are today…   it talks about Be uninTIMidated and how this situation has given us such an incredible thirst for wanting to help others.
We cannot reach the people that need us without your help.  Will you please share this video through any avenue that you can?  If you use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo. Tumblr, YouTube or just email…  will you send it to everyone you are connected to?  Will you ask that they take just 6 minutes to watch it?  Let them know that one day, this might just be the 6 minute investment that could save their life or the life of someone they love.  We share so much online and in person…  can this be one of those good, positive, inspirational stories that we all take the time to share?  Share it anywhere and everywhere you can…  share it at Church, share it at a Meeting, share it anywhere that someone might be inspired to NEVER QUIT.  It might help someone take a look at life just a little differently.  It might just make someone slow down and see what is in front of them.  It might provide them with the inspiration they need.
We really appreciate your time and consideration of this request.  You just never know who you might help.  You never know when it might be you that needs help.  Remember… Give Good, Get Good.  Spread the word…  and always, Be uninTIMidated.
Thank you.
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