Loving Every Moment… Feb 2017

Hey Guys – so it is THE END OF FEBRUARY – can you believe it?  Spring is almost here.  With the weather we have been experiencing in Upstate New York as of late, you would think Spring was already here.  I see the geese are returning and my daffodils think it is time to show their beautiful colors as they’re already sneaking up from below.  Sure hope March is kind to us.

Life sure has been kind to us.  We have been enjoying every day with such appreciation and love.  Tim has been feeling pretty darn good.  He is holding his weight and we are actually trying and hoping to wean off one of the medicines he was put on during chemo.  Certainly praying for success with that.
Since our last Medical Appointment:  We enjoyed a fabulous, family and friend filled Holiday Season.  Tim celebrated his 46th Birthday.  Delivered on an extremely successful BE uninTIMidated Casino Night Event.  The four of us continue to spend oodles of time together, as much as the girls will let us consume of them :-)  And most recently, Tim took the girls to Naples, Florida for a Father/Daughter vacation.  It was their very first and I’m hearing definitely won’t be their last.  Come on, what’s better than being away with like the most fun Dad ever and not having that nagging-Mom around :-)  I am beyond the moon happy and excited they had this time together and look forward to their annual trip for years to come.  I’ve shared a couple of pictures from their trip in this post.
Tim has his next Doctor’s appointment this Wednesday, March 1st.  This is pretty much just a port-flush and blood work check up to ensure he is staying hydrated and there are no concerns. We will also get time to talk with his Medical Team about anything new in the pipeline from a treatment standpoint.  We always like to stay very close to that.  I expect the appointment to be uneventful and with these appointments, that is a good thing.
He feels good.  He looks good.  He continues to do good with all that he does to help inspire others.  Your prayers work.  They do.  Please continue to keep our family in your prayers; this road is always rocky and sometimes, even when it should be ‘smooth sailing’ we experience ups and downs.  Those babies of ours still struggle.  They still have to work through their anxiety and extreme worry.  Daddy is their rock.  He is their world.  He is everything good to them.  He is their true love.  They worry about him more than any of us would ever want to know…  I know that for a fact.  I hear them talk.  I see their worry.  I feel it.  Your prayers help them and they appreciate it.  Tim and I appreciate it.
XOXO, Denise
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